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Shareit For PC Windows 10 Download: Hi Guys, In this ShareIt Article I wold like to share how to Download and Install ShareIt App for Pc Windows 10. I enjoin to share that the enhanced importunity of the ShareIt App from the users is the primary cause to develop the new version of this App for PC Windows 10 from the Official Developers of Share It. Earlier this fantastic app was available only for Andriod, iPhone, and Windows Version Mobiles.

All Shareit users are sharing their extraordinary experience of this ShareIt App, and every PC User needs to know the amazing uses of this App. For all PC Users, ShareIt Official Developers decided to enhance this app utilization. ShareIt for PC made the life of every PC user damn easy, by presenting this beautiful and astonishing App which used for many purposes like File Sharing Option via this App we can able to Share many of our Images, Video, Music, etc. from mobile to PC and vice versa without any limitation. This App offers the immediate transfer of Files from iPhone to PC and PC to phone without any time lapse. The SharIt App provides easy and very fast transfer of files from one device to other.

Shareit For PC Windows 10:

All People want to memorize their sweet memories like Images, funny videos, and Music. Office Workers want to share Office files with one other, and all these works became very comfortable today with the use of this thundering App. ShareIt App is now available for all devices such as Andriod Mobiles, iPhone, and Windows Phone along with PC. So one can share their experience with one other without much difficulty through this App. You can Download this excellent app via Bluetooth NFC or also with Messy cables.

ShareIt For PC Windows 10 Free Download:

To utilize the outstanding uses of ShareIt App for PC Windows 10, please go thoroughly through the following steps:

  • At first, you need Download the Lenovo’s Official Shareit for PC Software’s Installer package.
  • After that, your Downloaded Package begins to Install. Click the Downloaded ex. ShareIt file and follow the instructions displayed on your after clicking on installing option.
  • Then Start ShareIt App for PC after the completion of the installation process, and you will be showed up with simple UI as mentioned below.
  • Now you can see two Options: SEND and RECEIVE now click on a link stating “CONNECT ANDROID DEVICE.”
  • Now open the ShareIt App on your Android Mobile and Click on CONNECT PC as mentioned below.
  • By clicking on Connect PC you can see all the available PC network, just you need to choose your PC as displayed below.
  • Now ShareIt App establishes the connection between Computer and Android, with this establishment you can easily transfer files from Android to PC and vice versa with the aid of ShareIt App Program

Please share your experience with us and let me make sure the process as mentioned above facilitates you.

So, in this way you can transfer your files from Mobile to PC very smoothly and quickly.


The installation of SHAREit App for Mac is easy but with precise differences. We are here providing you step by step instructions for Shareit Download for MacBook and Mac systems:

  1. At first, you need to Download Andy App Player Installer Package on your PC. The website you wish to refer to get the driver package. It will download in DMG format.
  2. After the completion of Andy App Player Download, double click on the downloaded setup and install the App by following the instructions displayed and drag and drop the Andy App in the Application folder.
  3. After, that process read the license and agreements of the Andy App Installation thoroughly and hit on next button. A last you need to hit finish mark to complete the installation process.
  4. Then start Andy program on your MAC and then connect it with Google Account (You need to follow the Instructions displayed on your screen).
  5. Then Visit Google Play store app and make a look for “Shareit App.”
  6. Click on Download.
  7. Then open the Downloaded app and click on Install mark follow all the instructions.
  8. After the completion of Installation, your Shareit App is ready to use on your MAC.

If you install Andy Player App on your on MAC, it shows you connected to two Android devices; Your MAC operates as Android Mobile after the installation of Andy Player.

Download Shareit App for Android

Characteristics of SHAREit For PC App:

At first, let me make clear all your doubts, Shareit App is not only the one that makes your file transfer easier there are also other file transfer applications such as Xander, Software Data Cable, etc. Instead of all these Apps, large people used Shareit App because of its large applications:

  1. To use this App, we do not require any External Data Plan

It works efficiently on Smartphone’s Internet Wi-Fi connection, and it consumes very less battery.

2. Ultrafast Data and Files Transfer

You will be amazed to know the extraordinary uses of Shareit app like it transfers files or data Videos, Music, Images, etc.from PC to mobile or vice-versa with very high speed (up to 100Mbps)

3. Shares Files and Data between various Devices

You attentive of this unfortunate experience of transferring files or data from PC to windows is a tough task but with the use of this App it became damn easy.

4. You can transfer anything and everything.

Through this app, you can move anything such as images, documents, pdf file, videos, music files, etc. without any limit.

5. CLONEit- Copy Settings make it easier.

As the name it self-defines you can copy any files or data from one mobile to other old to new), like Contacts, Contact logs, SMS and other important settings without any time lapse.

6. It operates like a Remote

After installation of this app, you can share and memorize anything from one device to other.

7. It secures backup Photos

With the help of this astonishing app, you can easily recover your Images, videos which removed unknowingly.

Regular Questions About SHAREit For PC:

Am here to make all your everyday, frequent questions about the SHAREit for Windows or Desktop application

What Operating does it Support?

SHAREit App supports Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Can I Transfer My Files or Data to Other Operating System? 

You can transfer and share your files with other Operating system without any limit

Are there any restrictions for File Size?

No, there is no limit you can easily share your files  as large as 100 GB without any promulgation

Can I share a folder directly?

Yes, you can share a folder directly.

Can other users steal some files or data from my device?

It’s impossible; no connected user can ever take your case without your authorization.

How fast does this App Works?

It works as faster as 50 times quicker and better than Bluetooth.

Can I share My Contacts to Other Devices?

Of Course, you can the primary objective of this App is to transfer and share contacts from on e-device to other.

What about Group share feature?

This feature is readily available on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone but not on PC program.

What about latest updates?

You need not worry about the most recent updates with regards to this app because this app automatically checks for all latest versions.

I wish all you Guys are amazed to know about uses of this Wonderful Shareit App.


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